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Your Kirby vacuum cleaner may remove loose debris and dirt from deep inside the carpets, but it could at times leave obstinate stains beneath, like pet urine, soda clogs and ground-in dirt. As opposed to buy another carpet cleaning system, Kirby delivers a shampooer meeting that attaches to a present vacuum. The meeting turns your vacuum to some rug shampooer without needing to put money into an extra machine which could take up precious storage space.

Measure on the power button in the rear of your Kirby vacuum cleaner to switch off the vacuumcleaner. Unplug the vacuum’s power cable from the wall socket if appropriate.

Lift up on the headlight cap in the very front of the vacuum to appraise the nozzle assembly. Look at the front of the nozzle assembly to your belt lifter. Based upon your version, the lifter may be round or square.

Pull the grip from the front part of the belt lifter. Use the handle to rotate the belt lifter counterclockwise till the red arrow painted onto the belt lifter lines up using all the red arrow painted onto the nozzle assembly.

Locate the nozzle lock lever connected to the body of this vacuum and straight over the belt lifter. Rotate the lever right to discharge the nozzle assembly in the vacuum.

Consider the peak of the vacuum grip to your bag hanger bar.

Grab the base of the vacuum bag gathering in which it attaches to the body of this vacuum. Rotate the back of the tote assembly from the vacuum until you’re able to lift the bag gathering in the vacuum.

Guarantee that the shampooer brush roll confronts the carpeting. Reach in the opening on the cover of the brush roll protect and catch the brush roll buckle. Expose the cover of the belt by pulling it up throughout the roster protect.

Line up both arms connected to the shampooer nozzle meeting with both triangular tabs onto the exterior of the tray assembly at each end of the brush roll protect. Push the nozzle assembly on the tray assembly.

Start looking for the belt lifter on the front part of the shampooer nozzle meeting. Pull the grip in the buckle lifter.

Place the pins along the bottom rear of this shampooer nozzle attached and assembly tray assembly above the nozzle attaching rotating shaft.

Push the nozzle against the entire body of this vacuum. Rotate the nozzle lock lever into the left or directly to lock the shampooer nozzle tray into the vacuum.

Pull the grip by the belt lifter onto the nozzle. Push the handle back in the belt lifter.

Be certain that the filter nozzle and suds display are attached to the base openings onto the shampooer tank assembly. Mix water and Kirby carpet shampoo at the shampooer tank assembly in accordance with the label instructions on the shampoo bottle.

Hold on the shampooer tank assembly perpendicular to both sides of the vacuum in which you removed the base of the tote assembly. Line up the massive opening onto the tank together with the opening onto the vacuum. Reduce the tank on the vacuum opening. Rotate the tank until it locks in position and rests from the vacuum .

Push 1 end of this shampooer hose assembly on the little opening at the base of the tank.